Shakteeswara Temple

Usually Lord Shiva takes either Ling avatar or some other avatar in the temples and Goddess Parvathi, Lord Kumara Swamy take separate positions. But in Shakteeswara Temple, Yanamadurru the statues will differ.

Location: Yanamadurru Village, Bheemavaram, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh.

Conveyance: The temple is located in Yanamadurru village near Bheemavaram. Many local buses run from Bheemavaram which have a halt at temple.


  • Lord Shiva in an upside down Position.
  • Goddess parvathi carrying Lord Kumara Swamy of 3 months age in her lap.
  • Rahu-Kethu pooja done.


Sri Shakteeswara Swamy Temple.

Legend about the temple:

YamaDharmaraja’s Wish:

As per Puranas, earlier Yanamadurru village was named Yamunapuram. Shambhasura, the follower of Demon Mahishasura was disturbing the sages staying over there and the sages knowing of the demon’s death in  the hands of Yamadharmaraj asked him to destroy the demon.  On their wish, Yama had started a battle with the demon but got defeated by demon Shambhasura, a devotee of Lord Shiva. Yama had done a great tapas for the Lord but Lord Shiva who was doing yoga in upside down position acted like recognizing Yama’s tapas. But, Goddess Parvathi gave her powers to Yama to kill Shambhasura and booned Yama that the area will be named Yamapuri and asked him to wish for one more boon so he has asked that “no demons to be allowed in this place and their couple should take place with the positions at the time”. At that time Lord Shiva was in upsidedown position doing tapas and Goddess Parvathi with 3 month Lord Kumara Swamy in her hand had taken places as statues over there. This is the on e and only templein our country with Shiva in upside down position and Lord Karthikeya along with his parents. Also, Shakthi and the Lord together in a peetam and so it is named as Shaktheeswara Temple.

Water offering to Gods:

Shakthi Gundam, located east to temple with clear water. The preists use this water for poojas, abhishekams and also use the same water for preparing the food to offer Gods. Once people tried draining the waste from this pond by removing the water and foor somedays used water from some other lake but the food didn’t get boiled and then they had digged a small hole so water emerged. Ancestors preach that River Ganga from Kasi joins here in  this Shakthi Gundam.

Three day grand celebrations of Maha Shiva Rathri with Marriage of Lord and  Teppotsavam. In Karthika, Abhishekams along with celebrations of Subrahmanya Shashti for 5 days.  The temples of Rahu-Kethu, Lord Ayyappa, Lord Hanuman, Lord Subrahmanyeswara Swamy along with his wives Valli and Devasena and a navagraha mandap  also exist in this shrine.


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